Current Recipient

Fred Burge high res

Frederick Burge, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. Burge is the inaugural recipient of the Dr. Charles & Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award. He is recognized for his immense contribution to primary care research and dedication to lifelong learning. His passion for providing dignified palliative care to his patients is the foundation upon which he has built his career.

Dr. Burge is committed to improving the quality of primary care, including chronic disease management, through the application of research evidence in this setting and developing tools and strategies to improve that care. He is also dedicated to research and evaluation of new models of primary care delivery.









Description & Criteria

This award :

  • will honour individuals who are/were our trailblazers and leaders in family medicine and who made a significant career contribution to family medicine during their active career years.
  • will give public recognition to their work and to our discipline.
  • will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.


Nomination & Selection Process

  • Nominations for the Dr. Charles and Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award are invited from CFPC members.
  • Nominations may be made in writing to the NSCFP office.
  • The Dr. Charles and Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award will be considered when an exceptional nomination is made and will not necessarily be presented on an annual basis.



  • Nominees must be 50 years of age or older.
  • Posthumous nominations will be accepted.


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