Current Recipient


Dr. James MacKillop, CCFP, FCFP


Dr. James MacKillop is the recipient of the 2018 Dr. Charles & Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award. He is being honoured for his lifetime commitment to family medicine and leadership in Cape Breton.

He has been a leader in his community and is well-known for his low-key but effective organization and fixing skills. He was also the first site director for the first Nova Scotia community-based family medicine teaching site which was located in Cape Breton.

He continues to lead the way in restructuring his practice as a collaborative practice involving family practice nurses and nurse practitioners.









Description & Criteria

This award :

  • will honour individuals who are/were our trailblazers and leaders in family medicine and who made a significant career contribution to family medicine during their active career years.
  • will give public recognition to their work and to our discipline.
  • will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.


Nomination & Selection Process

  • Nominations for the Dr. Charles and Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award are invited from CFPC members.
  • Nominations may be made in writing to the NSCFP office.
  • The Dr. Charles and Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award will be considered when an exceptional nomination is made and will not necessarily be presented on an annual basis.



  • Nominees must be 50 years of age or older.
  • Posthumous nominations will be accepted.


2019 NSCFP Award Nominations are Now Open!

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Nova Scotia’s Family Physician of the Year
Dr. Charles & Mrs. Jean Gass Lifetime Achievement Award



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