The College of Family Physicians of Canada is a national voluntary organization of family physicians that makes continuing medical education of its members mandatory. The College strives to improve the health of Canadians by promoting high standards of medical education and care in family practice, by contributing to public understanding of healthful living, by supporting ready access to family physician services, and by encouraging research and disseminating knowledge about family medicine.

NSCFP Board of Directors 2016-2018


Dr. Peter Brennan

Dr. Natasha Deshwal

Dr. Susan Malloy
Past President
Dr. Susan Malloy, Past President
Dr. Sarah Bradley

Dr. Kathy Gallagher



Dr. David Gass Head of the Dalhousie Department of Family Medicine Program
Dr. Leslie Griffin NSCFP Family Medicine Assembly Planning Committee Chair
Dr. John MacDonald NSCFP Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Dr. Jacalynne Hernandez-Lee First Five Years in Family Practice (FFYFP) Representative
Dr. Barbara O’Neil DoctorsNS Section of General Practice
Dr. Lindsay Millar Resident Representitive – Annapolis Valley Associate Chief
Yaeesh Sardiwalla Dalhousie Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Chair
TBD Public Member at Large