While graduation from an accredited Canadian family medicine residency program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the profession, this is by no means the final step of the educational process for family physicians. As professionals, family physicians are obliged to remain current on advances and trends in medicine and health care delivery. This is achieved through participation in various activities that constitute continuing professional development (CPD).

The CFPC encourages and supports family physicians in meeting their CPD goals through several different programs and services including:

  • MAINPRO® credit reporting: Program used by family physicians to document and monitor personal CPD progress
  • Self Learning®: CME program enabling physicians to evaluate their knowledge of current topics in the medical literature—published six times annually, available online and in print, eligible for Mainpro credit
  • Linking Learning to Practice, Pearls® and ePearls: Self-directed, evidence-based practice-reflection exercises that facilitate the integration of new knowledge and skills into practice; eligible for Mainpro credit
  • Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics® (ALSO): Evidence-based, interactive, multidisciplinary program focusing on the effective management of obstetrical emergencies; eligible for Mainpro credit
  • The Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC-C): Workshops and faculty development courses designed to optimize the healthcare experience and quality of patient care through effective communication; eligible for Mainpro credit
  • Family Medicine Forum (FMF): Annual CFPC event offering a wide variety of CPD opportunities; eligible for Mainpro credit
  • Mainpro-Accredited Programs/Events: Peer-reviewed to ensure content is educationally and scientifically valid, and that programs are developed and delivered in accordance with ethical standards

Further information on CPD programs and services can be found in the links above and within this section of the website. Individuals are also welcome to contact the Department of Continuing Professional Development with questions or comments.


Visit our National CFPC Calendar of Events for a list of accredited programs.