1. It’s easy and effective.

Health-care providers are always looking for simple, practical interventions they can make to improve their patients’ lives. The beauty of PaRx is that almost anyone can increase the time they spend in nature, no matter what their physical abilities are or where they live. A growing body of research suggests that spending time in nature has a wide range of positive effects on human health, from reduced chronic disease to improved birth outcomes—over and above the benefits of exercise. Learn more about the health benefits of nature here.

2. Writing it down works better.

Studies suggest that written prescriptions are better received than oral advice in motivating patients to make a change.

3. Patients trust their health-care providers.

Surveys reveal that health-care providers consistently rank among the most trusted professionals in the country. When we speak, people listen.

4. Prescribing nature is good for the earth.

Research shows that people who are more connected to nature do more to protect it. So not only are you improving your patients’ health, but you’re also doing your part for the planet.

5. We’re reducing barriers for your patients.

To ensure that everyone in Canada has ready access to the health benefits of nature, PaRx is collaborating with outdoor organizations like Parks Canada to provide free or discounted access to green and blue spaces for patients in most need.

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