Dr. Byron Reid

The Dr. Byron Reid Community Health & Humanities Grant was initiated by friends and family members of Dr Reid, who forwarded donations to the NSCFP in his memory at the time of his passing on 10 January, 2009.

Dr Byron Reid had several areas of his work in Family Practice in Halifax that he found particularly rewarding: He loved looking after multiple generations of families over his 37 years in practice, and the strong bonds that were formed with his patients. He really enjoyed delivering babies, performing over 500 deliveries. He also cited his work teaching medical students as one of his highlights. In his later years, he became quite proficient in the use of clinical hypnosis, helping over 200 patients to become non-smokers, and he was consulted repeatedly by the Pediatric Neurologists to help their patients to practice self- hypnosis to substantially decrease their migraine pain.

He also was continually active on a number of committees, and served on various National College committees, was a Nova Scotia Chapter President, sat on the Dalhousie Board of Governors, and spent ten years as the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs for Dalhousie Medical School, a post which he enjoyed. He also loved playing saxophone in the Tupper Band.

Overall, his career in family medicine was one for which he was particularly well-suited, and it brought him great satisfaction.


The Dr. Byron Reid Community Health & Humanities Grant supports members of the Dalhousie Family Medicine Interest Group who demonstrate a commitment to strengthening their communities through emphasis on the four principles of family medicine:

  1. The family physician must be a skilled clinician.
  2. The doctor-patient relationship is central to the role of the family physician.
  3. Family medicine is a community-based discipline.
  4. The family physician is a resource to a defined practice population.

Recipients of this grant will be answering a particular need in their community by furthering their education in a relevant field.


The Dr. Byron Reid Community Health & Humanities Grant Application Form

Deadline to apply for programs taking place in 2019: 30th June, 2018
Decision will be made by 31st July, 2018.